Sunday, November 7, 2010

Something New.

There has definitely been a Doctor Who theme to this blog. It isn't all I've been working on. In real life I'm a free-lance animator. Recently the first project I ever worked on came on TV. I was so excited to see my work on TV for the first time that I had to crochet the characters from the series.

Here they are the lead characters from Wakkaville. To see what the real characters look like you'll need to be watching channel 9 at 11.30 on Saturday morning.

Thanks again to Justin for the photo.

A Complete Set of Doctor Who Amigurumi

Here they are at last the complete set of Doctor Who re-generations. I know most of you will have seen these already. But now, courtesy of Justin I have shiny new photos, that make these guys look much cooler than they do in real life.

First Doctor - Willam Hartnell

Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton

Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee

Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker

Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison

Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker

Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy

Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann

Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston

Tenth Doctor - David Tennant

Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith

A huge thank-you to Justin Foo for taking the awesome photographs. For more of his work go to his blog

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back to the Doctors

With a new boring customer service job, I now have plenty of time to work on my doctors. Hopefully I'll have them done by Christmas. Here is the Sixth Doctor, played by Colin Baker.

As you can see he's very colourful. In total I used 12 different colours of yarn.

More Distractions - Show Time.

After all the baby stuff it was nearly time to submit for the Melbourne Show. With work being busy as well I didn't have enough time as I would have liked. In the end though I did manage to get one cotton doiley and one toy dalek completed.

This is the doiley I submitted. I was very pleased to be awarded third place. This photo isn't very good and the doiley seems to have sagged quite a bit. I'll have to add more starch next time.

The Dalek didn't do as well. Not surprising considering I had to enter it in the "Any Article of Crochet Not Previously Mentioned" class. To be fair he was commended. But he was beaten by two lacy table cloths and a baby blanket.

No wonder he's sheepishly hiding in the corner of the display case.


So much for the doctor plan. I ended up getting distracted by other projects. Firstly there was my best friend had a lovely baby boy. I needed to spend some time making a suitable present. I decided on these:

Tiny converse booties. I ended up making the pattern from scratch. There were several patterns on, but I couldn't decipher them. Here's another picture so you can appreciate the details.

By the way they are not blue for a boy, but blue because that's the colour sneakers I wear.

It was winter when the lad was born so he needed a good hat too.

The spikes are supposed to be dinosaur spines. Although in this photo they look more like sun rays.

The hat and booties were very well received, even though the booties were much too small. I've since made a bigger pair, but I think he's since grown out of them as well.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Doctor Who

The plan is to crochet miniature versions of all 11 regenerations of Doctor Who. I know it's been done before and there are heaps of patterns on the internet. But they haven't been done by me.

Anyway here are the first five Doctors.

First Doctor - William Hartnell

He's supposed to have checked pants, but the check pattern I made up came out as diagonal lines. I think the stripes are distinguished.

Second Doctor - Patrick Trouton

The first doctor to be in colour. His pants are supposed to be tartan. To do it properly I would need to make a much bigger doll. Instead I just used the different colours in alternating rows. I guess you could call it pixelated tartan.

Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee

He still needs some neck detail. Also, although this regeneration was partial to capes I don't think he ever wore one exactly like this. By the way, curly hair takes ages to sew.

Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker

This is where things got complicated. Making the head, body and jacket was easy enough. The curly hair was tricky, but I only had to do the bits around the hat. What took most of the time was the scarf. I miniaturized the pattern from *the Doctor Who scarf website*. I had to repeat the pattern twice as I messed up and the scarf wasn't long enough. It took three evenings to make, but I think it was worth it.

Fifth Doctor - Peter Davidson

Another tricky one. Mostly because I made the coat the wrong colour to start with. On the up side it meant I could practice putting the red edging on.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time to get this thing started.

This blog is going to be a collection of things I have made in crochet. Some of the patterns are ones I have bought or downloaded, other things I made up as I went along.

Okay enough talking time to show some pretty pictures.

To start with here is something I made a few years ago.

Yes that's right it's a crochet Dalek. Not a new idea amdowns posted a pattern a few years ago. However I wasn't happy with the details so I made my own. This guy is around 30cm tall and made with 8 ply yarn and a 3mm crochet hook. It was my second attempt. I have since made several others in different colour ways.

Most recently I made this one for my brother last Christmas.