Friday, May 14, 2010

Doctor Who

The plan is to crochet miniature versions of all 11 regenerations of Doctor Who. I know it's been done before and there are heaps of patterns on the internet. But they haven't been done by me.

Anyway here are the first five Doctors.

First Doctor - William Hartnell

He's supposed to have checked pants, but the check pattern I made up came out as diagonal lines. I think the stripes are distinguished.

Second Doctor - Patrick Trouton

The first doctor to be in colour. His pants are supposed to be tartan. To do it properly I would need to make a much bigger doll. Instead I just used the different colours in alternating rows. I guess you could call it pixelated tartan.

Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee

He still needs some neck detail. Also, although this regeneration was partial to capes I don't think he ever wore one exactly like this. By the way, curly hair takes ages to sew.

Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker

This is where things got complicated. Making the head, body and jacket was easy enough. The curly hair was tricky, but I only had to do the bits around the hat. What took most of the time was the scarf. I miniaturized the pattern from *the Doctor Who scarf website*. I had to repeat the pattern twice as I messed up and the scarf wasn't long enough. It took three evenings to make, but I think it was worth it.

Fifth Doctor - Peter Davidson

Another tricky one. Mostly because I made the coat the wrong colour to start with. On the up side it meant I could practice putting the red edging on.

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