Thursday, October 14, 2010


So much for the doctor plan. I ended up getting distracted by other projects. Firstly there was my best friend had a lovely baby boy. I needed to spend some time making a suitable present. I decided on these:

Tiny converse booties. I ended up making the pattern from scratch. There were several patterns on, but I couldn't decipher them. Here's another picture so you can appreciate the details.

By the way they are not blue for a boy, but blue because that's the colour sneakers I wear.

It was winter when the lad was born so he needed a good hat too.

The spikes are supposed to be dinosaur spines. Although in this photo they look more like sun rays.

The hat and booties were very well received, even though the booties were much too small. I've since made a bigger pair, but I think he's since grown out of them as well.

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