Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hat Fail = Tea-Cozy Win.

This week I tried to crochet a hat. I saw a pattern on Ravelry for a lovely diamond patterned hat. Perfect for using up some hand spun yarn I had kicking around in my yarn stash.

Sadly I ran out of yarn half way through.  I've had the yarn so long I couldn't remember what the ply was, so the hat is also too small.  Hat fail.

I was showing the failure of a hat to my sister, when she pointed out that the demi-hat was about the same size as a small teapot.  Just like the one I've been putting a big tea-cozy on to keep warm, whenever she visits.  

After a quick unravel and a few pattern adjustments, (and a little bit of swearing,) I had a new tea-cozy. 

I even had enough yarn left over to make a pom pom.  Tea-cozy win.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

One Cephalopod is Never Enough

After making Mo-Mo the octopus a few weeks ago, I felt the need to make yet another cephalopod. Here she is:

Octavia the Octopus.

Made using 8ply yarn and a 3mm crochet hook. The eyes were attached using a felting needle.

Octavia is also worked all in one piece.  The legs are crocheted together while making the body.  Much neater than sewing the parts together at the end.