Sunday, June 17, 2012

More Knitting

Although crochet is my first love, sometimes (usually right around Autumn) I just have to knit. Fortunatly my best friend had her son in June. This means that every year his Birthday comes around just as the weather gets really cold. Which also means that just as I feel the urge to knit, I have to start planning a Birthday present. How lucky is that? This year the little lad is turning two and I though a hoodie would be something he would appreciate.

Not just any hoodie would do. The little guy loves dinosaurs, (and so do I), so I though a dinosaur hoodie would be perfect. After I knitted the jacket and hood, all I needed to do is add a row of crochet spines along the top of the hood and down the back.

The pattern for the hoodie is "Child Hood" from Then I added crochet spines from a Crochet World Pattern.

My favorite part of the pattern is the stripy edge detail. It was a bit tricky to work as I had to knit it separately, but the instructions were pretty clear and it all turned out well in the end.

I gave the hoodie to the Birthday boy today and he loved it. He put it on as soon as he'd ripped open the wrapping paper - instant dinosaur. I only wish I got a better photo. It was a bit warm inside so he didn't wear it for long. Still I think he will have many hours of fun wearing it.

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