Friday, May 11, 2012

Keep Calm

Every time I go into a home wares store I come across posters, mugs, carry bags, etc, emblazoned with "Keep Calm and Carry On."

It seems to be quite popular at the moment. I was curious and got on line to find out what all the fuss was about. Turns out it's a really popular meme and there are hundreds of different parodies. Then I found this version:

I thought this was amusing, but something wasn't quite right. Why wasn't it actually knitted? The only thing to be done was get out the sticks.

I'm not great at knitting in two colours, but I think it turned out okay. Here's a close up just to prove it's actually knitted and not just done with photoshop.

I might make some changes to the pattern before knitting this again. I think a cushion covered in this would go great in my front room.

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