Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photo shoot with U2

Just before Easter I was lucky enough to attend a photo shoot with U2. Okay so it wasn't the actual rock band, just my crochet version. But there was a camera, lighting and a set.

One of my animator friends, Justin, is also a photographer. He agreed to take some more photos of crochet for me. I think he was influenced by the fact he can now tell all his friends he's photographed U2.

And if that wasn't cool enough here are photos of the individual band members.

And one more of the complete band, this time with guitars as well. I especially like the way Bono is gazing moodily into the distance.

I think the photo's have turned out really well. Never have 3 inch high dolls looked so awesome. To check out more of Justin's photos visit his blog. He can photograph real people too.

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