Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting Ready for Winter

Every year when autumn arrives I start to think about knitting. Must have something to do with the evenings getting colder. Although I suspect the sudden bounty of yarn at the craft shops plays a large part.

In the past I've knitted vests and jumpers, but this year I felt a new scarf was in order. Two and a half large balls of 8ply yarn later and this is a result. A brown and blue pinstripe scarf. Why brown and blue pinstripe? Because that's the colour of the tenth doctors suit. Well one of his suits anyway.

The scarf is knitted in brown rib-stitch with the blue stripes embroidered on afterwards. Crocheting the whole thing would have been easier. I could have worked the stripes in as I went. However crochet uses more yarn, and I don't like the look of it for large flat surfaces.

Now I just need the weather to get a little colder so I can wear it.


  1. Ten scarf! Instant love! I have my own version planned along with the million other things I want to do.

    Could you share your embroidery technique?

  2. The stripes are embroidered on using Duplicate Stitch. Which is basically covering the knit stitches in another colour. It's really easy, but time consuming.

    There's a good tutorial here:
    or you can just google duplicate stitch.