Friday, July 3, 2015

Handmade Gifts.

When I woke up on Christmas Day, (yes I know that was six months ago, but I've been busy), the first thing I heard was the DJ trying to get people to call in. His topic: Has anyone handmade a gift this year, and has anyone received a dodgy handmade gift? This topic pissed me off. It implied that handmade gifts are inferior and nobody likes getting them.

As a crafter this really annoys me. I agree not all handmade gifts are great, but they are usually made with love.  Plus the time taken to think about and make a handmade gift is usually much longer than it takes to go shopping for a gift.  Even if you are shopping during the busy Christmas season.  

I guess the real challenge is matching the gift to the recipient. The key is knowing what they like.

Do they have a favourite band?

My Brother-in-Law really likes Regurgitator, so I made him the band for Christmas. (Some of you might remember the Month they spent living in a dome at Federation Square) This is what I imagine they looked like.

Do they have a beloved pet?

My friend was moving overseas and had to leave her beloved cat behind.  So I made her a cat she could take in her pocket.

Do they have a favourite movie?

My work colleague really likes Star Wars in general and Lando Calrissian in particular.  When his birthday came around, there was only one thing I could make.

Do they have a favourite comic book character?

Another work colleague enjoys cos-play.  Her favourite character to dress as is Wonder Woman.  A little crochet Wonder Woman was just what she wanted.

Do they like chickens?


Mum has always liked chickens.  Her family had some in the garden when she was growing up.  When Mum and Dad moved to a new house I made this tea-cosy as a housewarming gift. 

Do they secretly want to be Batman?


One of my colleagues was leaving for a new job.  I knew he was a massive fan of Batman, so I made one for his toy collection.  As an extra surprise I made the cowl removable, and matched the hair colour to my friends hair.

This isn't to say that every handmade gift I've made is a winner.  I'm pretty sure there are some cross-stitch embroideries I've done that are hidden in spare rooms.   However if you put some thought into it, the time and effort of hand making a gift is often appreciated.  

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