Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 Show time.

As the next step in my poorly thought out plan for Crochet World Domination, I entered crochet in the Melbourne Show craft competition. It is my fiendish plan to stop the production of pastel baby blankets, boring lacy table cloths and freeform crochet bags of dubious quality. To this end I have entered such things as a crochet dalek and a dinosaur, hoping that someone will see them and realise that crochet isn't just about lace and grannie squares. This may be happening in the crowd, but so far the judges have remained unimpressed, (I can't believe the dalek was beaten by a tablecloth.)

That is until this year. Mwahahaha! I entered my Lace Invaders Handkerchief edging into the Own Design category. By using the traditional technique of filet crochet to create pixel art space invaders, I was able to convince the judges that this was just an ordinary hankie. It was awarded first place! Take that freeform crochet bag.

However there was a slight hitch in my plan. Although the hankie did win it's category it was beaten to the overall crochet prize by a doiley. Fortunately the doiley was made by yours truly, the Evil Crochet Genius. Another part of my plan for Crochet World Domination is to subvert the traditional art of doiley making. Instead of submitting another white lacy confection, I use colour in this case blue. (Okay so it's still a lacy confection, but at least it doesn't have ruffles.)

So my dastardly plan has quite a way to go. There are still more lacy old fashioned fripperies that interesting crochet pieces at the show. But I think there is a change coming. For one, there was a tractor covered in crochet in the centre of the Craft Pavilion. Yarn bombing at it's best.

And have a look at second and third placed doileys. (Not too closely because my camera is having trouble focussing.)

They may be old fashioned, but they are in colour. My dastardly plan is beginning to take effect Mwahahahaha!

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  1. I was wondering if you could create dreadlocks by crochet. I have seen many examples but I wonder if there's a way to do it to incorporate your beautiful flowers and is possible to undo with a careful eye. Wouldn't this fix the problem of needing to cut them all off? You could also have patterns. Lastly, can our hair be compared to silk?